Introducing Motion 1, the world’s first haptic engine gaming chair developed in collaboration with D- BOX, a worldwide leader in haptic technology. Motion 1 is engineered to provide haptic feedback to your games and entertainment. Feel the bullets flying by in your favorite movie or ocean waves crashing into your boat during a raid in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. It’s an entirely new dimension of realistic feedback that enhances your gaming and entertainment in a premium package with ergonomic comfort.

Hybrid 1

The Hybrid 1 was created to better respond to the needs of modern-day gamers and creatives: focusing on health, interaction and individuality. The Hybrid 1 combines the benefits of comfort-driven office chairs with support-based racing seats, resulting in a symbiotic solution that allows ergonomic customization to a user’s preference for maximum airflow during longer sessions. In a world of comfort and individuality, the Hybrid 1 offers the best of both with no compromises.

Hybrid M

The Hybrid M is an extension of the Hybrid 1’s innovative design. It is meant to bridge the void between work and play. Users are sitting in chairs longer than ever, not only to work and play, but also to relax. The Hybrid M with its built-in massage function (adjustable to any part of the back), is our take on the next evolution of chairs that cater to work, play and relaxation. With a built-in lithium battery bank that can power the chair for up to 1 hour of massage use, the chair can provide comfort in any room in the house.


Advanced Power Solutions CES23

Cooler master announces new power solutions with atx3.0 power supply and power delivery products.

Cooler Master Lifestyle Products CES23

Take your digital lifestyle to the next level with three new Cooler Master products for your High Tech Lifestyle in 2023.

Cooler Master Advanced Computing Systems CES23

Cooler Master is entering the complete PC system market with three lines: Be Excellent, Be Different and Be Creative. The Be Excellent systems excel in thermal performance with powerful CPU and GPU capabilities.

Cooler Master Streaming and Peripherals CES23

Introducing new peripherals aimed at enthusiasts, collectors and streamers.

ORB X Immersive Future CES23

Cooler Master is committed to integrating hardware, software and next-gen technologies to enhance users’ immersive experiences.

Next Level Thermal Line-Up CES23

Showcasing new products, including a new Hyper 212, AIO Liquid Coolers & Mobile Phone Cooler.