Cooler Master Announces New Power Solutions with ATX3.0 Power Supply and Power Delivery Products

The GX III 550/650/750/850/1050/1250 Gold Power Supply

Cooler Master presents the GX III GOLD ATX3.0 power supply in configurations between 550 to 1250 watts. It’s a tremendous improvement from the GX series and meets the power demands of a wide variety of users. The half-bridge APFC + LLC + DC to DC, allows the GX III Gold to achieve an 80-PLUS Gold certification and delivers outstanding performance in ripple noise. Together with the hexagonal design to enhance the air intake efficiency, the S.T.C.M zero-rotation feature effectively reduces noise and dissipates heat simultaneously. Modular cable management reduces clutter, increases airflow and improvise efficiency. Cooler Master is delivering on its promise to provide the best power solution for your system.

The V1300 Platinum 30th Anniversary Edition Power Supply

As part of the limited-edition 30th Anniversary products, Cooler Master is launching the V1300 Platinum 30th Anniversary Edition power supply featuring a Chameleon color scheme matching Cooler Master’s iconic colors. This power supply not only comes with 1300 watts and 100% Japanese Capacitors, but also is 80 PLUS Platinum certified. It’s created for heavy-duty PC users who want safe, reliable, and highly efficient power: a new generation of gamers, overclockers, modders, creators and those who accepts nothing short of greatness from their PC.

The V750/850 Gold i multi Power Supply

Designed for next-generation high-end PC enthusiasts, the V Gold i fully supports ATX3.0 and comes in two different wattage levels: 750W and 850W. Both have an 80 Plus Gold rating, half Bridge LLC converter, 135mm fan and Smart Thermal Control Mode. The semi-digital design allows users to monitor the unit’s status through Cooler Master’s in-house software, MasterControl. This series adds a modern touch, futuristic looks and features a new platform that boasts great performance on all fronts.

Inspired by the past PSU lines, Cooler Master delivers safe, reliable, and efficient power supplies for those who demand the best from their system.

The V1100/1300 SFX Platinum Power Supply

Cooler Master takes a great leap forward using the SFX power supply form factor and adding Intel’s ATX3.0 standard. The V SFX Platinum series of high-density power supply pushes the limit to the maximum, releasing the very first SFX power supply supporting 1100 and 1300 watts. The achievement comes from component miniaturization and leading thermal technology. While reaching a Platinum efficiency rating to enhancing the solidness of the power supply, we also added ATX 3.0 and 12VHPWR connector so users can put this in a Mini-ITX build. This will be your last stop when choosing the right power supply.

TThe V750/850 SFX Gold Power Supply (Supports ATX3.0)

The V SFX Gold brings the significant evolution to the SFX market. Along with the included bracket, you can now have a high-wattage power supply with 80 PLUS Gold efficiency rating for cases ranging from mini-ITX all the way up through E-ATX products. With fully modular cabling, ATX3.0 support, 100% Japanese capacitors, an FDB fan and 16AWG PCIe high efficiency cables, the V SFX Gold delivers the high-quality and high-efficiency experience PC enthusiasts expect.

The Dual Mode PD 65W

Cooler Master develops reliable power supply products, and also power delivery products to solve life-tech power problems. In this vein, Cooler Master presents the Dual Mode PD with fast charging mode 65W and portable battery mode 45W configurations. Equipped with 15000mAH grand battery capacities, the Dual Mode PD supports PD3.0 and QC3.0 which delivers fast charging and makes charging with power bank a breeze. GaN mosfet technology miniaturizes the PD to it easy to carry, too.

ORB X Immersive Future CES23

Cooler Master is committed to integrating hardware, software and next-gen technologies to enhance users’ immersive experiences.

Cooler Master Advanced Computing Systems CES23

Cooler Master is entering the complete PC system market with three lines: Be Excellent, Be Different and Be Creative. The Be Excellent systems excel in thermal performance with powerful CPU and GPU capabilities.

Next Level Thermal Line-Up CES23

Showcasing new products, including a new Hyper 212, AIO Liquid Coolers & Mobile Phone Cooler.