Introducing The Next Thermal Line-Up

Showcasing new products, including a new Hyper 212, AIO Liquid Coolers & Mobile Phone Cooler

Liquid Cooling: MasterLiquid Atmos & MasterLiquid Sub Zero EVO

Cooler Master will be releasing two different AIO Liquid Coolers in the upcoming months. The first is the successor to the original MasterLiquid Sub Zero, launched in 2020. The new Sub Zero EVO has improved on the previous TEC cooling technology in combination with Intel’s Cryo Cooling Technology for 12th and 13th Gen Intel processors. The pump has been upgraded to the 2nd generation pump, featuring a renewed water block top cover and larger copper base. The air-tight fencing has been improved to block external elements and condensation, with the top cover now ARGB ready. This flagship cooler will use the awarded Mobius 120P ARGB fans for even better performance and low noise levels.

The second liquid cooling product is the MasterLiquid Atmos AIO liquid cooler. Developed for PC gaming enthusiasts, the Lucid AIO combines performance with new aesthetics. The fans are upgraded along with the pump cover design for a modern look to match enthusiast PC builds.

MasterLiquid Sub Zero EVO


Air Cooling: MasterAir MA824 Stealth, Hyper 212 Halo & Hyper 622 Halo

As part of the limited-edition 30th Anniversary products, Cooler Master is launching the MasterAir MA824 Stealth air cooler. This top-of-the-line air cooler features an 8-heat pipe array, dual towers and two fans for a push-pull setup, offering unmatched cooling performance. It carries the Stealth Series identity with black out design and two non-LED fans, including the award-winning Mobius 120 fan. The heat pipe design has dual variable thickness using a groove and powder wick structure to achieve precision heat transfer using Superconductive Composite Technology. The redesigned dual tower heat sink maximizes performance by optimizing fin density and thickness.

MasterAir MA824 STEALTH

Hyper 622 Halo

Hyper 212 Halo

The Hyper Series is welcoming not one, but two new coolers to its line-up: The Hyper 212 Halo is the latest edition of the popular air cooler, with a 4-heat pipe single-tower design, now featuring the all-new MF120 Halo2 fan, improving performance and refreshing the aesthetics to the iconic Hyper 212. Along with the Hyper 212, Cooler Master is introducing an all-new 6-heat pipe cooler to the Hyper line. The Hyper 622 Halo features dual tower 6-heat pipe cooling, with dual MF120 Halo2 fans for next-level performance for PC Gaming Enthusiasts. Both Hyper Series air coolers will be available in black and white.

Fans: Mobius 120 OC & Halo2 Series

With the successful launch of the Mobius Series in September 2022, Cooler Master is expanding the line up with a new flagship in the fan series: the Mobius 120 OC. Like the previous performance fans, the Mobius 120 OC features the Ring Blade Design using interconnecting fan blades along with several new features. The OC version has adjustable fan speeds controlled on the conveniently located cable toggle. This release will use a double ball bearing design for superior performance, minimal friction, whisper quiet operation and exceptional longevity. Following the popularity of the MasterFan Halo series, Cooler Master has redesigned our Dual Loop LED fans with the new MasterFan Halo2. The fan blades have been increased by 10% to deliver better air flow and cooling performance. The new hybrid frame structure maintains stability without sacrificing fan operational real estate. The driver IC has been upgraded for increased cooling performance while minimizing fan noise. Cooler Master has maintained the elegant dual loop LED design featuring our addressable gen 2 RGB lighting to give you the most customizable lighting to fit your design needs. The Halo2 Series fans will be available in both black and white color options, as well as 120mm and 140mm sizes.

Mobius 120 OC

Mobius 140P ARGB

Mobius 120P ARGB




Cooler Master has a new cooling solution with our expansion into mobile gaming. The Cryo Phone Cooler is the newest cooling product designed to quickly cool down your phone temperature during intense gaming. The Cryo Phone Cooler uses a large ThermoElectric Cooling (TEC) plate to cool your mobile device rapidly and efficiently. It also monitors your device temperature to maximize cooling efficiency via a propriety mobile app. The Cryo Phone Cooler will give you the best mobile gaming experience on any device you use.

Cooler Master Streaming and Peripherals CES23

Introducing new peripherals aimed at enthusiasts, collectors and streamers.

ORB X Immersive Future CES23

Cooler Master is committed to integrating hardware, software and next-gen technologies to enhance users’ immersive experiences.

Advanced Power Solutions CES23

Cooler master announces new power solutions with atx3.0 power supply and power delivery products.