Cooler Master Unveils Advanced System Line-Up

The Shark X and Sneaker X cater to those with bold tastes. These PC systems are variants of winners from Cooler Master’s Case Mod World Series. Both systems are packed with performance that can be upgraded if desired. Both support ITX motherboard form factors, SFX PSUs and an AIO cooler. For tech enthusiasts, the Sneaker X comes with Cooler Master’s innovative cooling solution, which allows the AIO cooler’s radiator to be placed at the bottom of the case without forming bubbles. This placement allows the Sneaker X to fit a 360mm radiator, so it’s aesthetically pleasing and enables high performance.

Among the new systems, the Mini X may look plain, but it comes with a twist that makes it perfect for Be Different lineup. This tiny case is designed so all panels can be swapped, and when we say all panels, we mean it: from the top to bottom, side to side, and front to back. Not only are the panels modular, but also the interior is upgradable with ITX form factor motherboards, SFX PSUs and NVIDIA’s 4000 series or AMD’s 7000 series graphic cards.

Be Excellent

CoolingX is the ultimate PC for gamers or content creators who demand heavy performance from a compact form factor. CoolingX is fully liquid-cooled, with innovative liquid-cooled side panels. The side panels act as a large heatsink, complete with a fin design to increase the surface area. Water channels run along the panel, allowing heat to be carried to the massive heatsinks for effective dissipation of heat that keeps the system running cool under the heaviest loads.


For those looking for a lighter compact PC, the AIOX NUC, a system based on Intel’s NUC platform is the ticket. It features the 12th Gen Intel Core i9 processor cooled by Cooler Master’s award-winning MasterLiquid Flux edition liquid cooler. This cooler is specially designed for the AIOX NUC, unleashing the Intel i9 performance without throttling.


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