Cooler Master Announces MasterHUB and MasterCTRL: Transformative Products to Enhance Gaming, Streaming and Creative Capabilities


TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 31, 2023 — Cooler Master, a leading innovator in PC components and peripherals, announces two groundbreaking products, the MasterHUB and MasterCTRL. These products redefine the boundaries of hardware and software integration, offering an unparalleled user experience for gamers, streamers, and content creators.

The MasterHUB is a modular hardware platform designed with a broad range of functionalities to cater to the varied needs of creators, gamers, and streamers. This transformative device allows users to seamlessly monitor, control, and predict usage behavior and applicational needs. MasterHUB integrates seamlessly with MasterCTRL, offering a plethora of controllable and viewable features right on the device.

“With the MasterHUB and MasterCTRL, we aim to resolve user pain points, increase efficiencies, and bring technology to life. These devices offer intuitive designs, support customization, and allow users to fully immerse themselves into the environment they desire.”

Jimmy Sha

CEO, Cooler Master

Coupled with the API integration for wide software support and an SDK for user customization, the MasterHUB and MasterCTRL become powerful tools for any tech enthusiast. The journey begins with the system environment in 2023, expanding to room environment support in 2024, and broadening to entire smart home automation by 2025.


Cooler Master is set to launch MasterCTRL in the middle of July. MasterHUB will be available in late November.

MasterHUB will be available in three starter kits exclusively on Amazon USA: Streamer, Video, and Photo. Nine modules will be available for individual purchase and customization on the CMODX website. These products will make their debut at COMPUTEX 2023.

With the growth in the esports industry, which is projected to reach an audience of 640 million by 2025, the MasterHUB and MasterCTRL are poised to revolutionize the gaming and streaming industry. The introduction of these products comes at an opportune time when the demand for advanced, personalized technology solutions is on the rise.



The Cooler Master MK770 Hybrid Wireless Keyboard embodies the perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance.


Ncore 100 MAX, Cooler Master’s pioneering solution offering premium thermal and power delivery. MAX is the perfect compact, high-performance building platform.


Eco-Friendly Meets High-Performance, the MasterLiquid 360 Atmos, Cooler Master’s next-gen liquid cooling masterpiece crafted partially from recycled materials.


Open Loop Water Cooling Series
The MasterLoop series is designed to deliver DIY cooling solutions to reach the highest level of performance and appearance!


The Storm Controller is an extremely versatile controller with multi-device connectivity, 40-hour battery life, and an ergonomic hand-sculpted design to make it the next great addition to your gaming setup.


The Cooler Master MA824 Stealth, unparalleled performance, sleek design, and effective cutting-edge cooling make it the ultimate air cooler for gamers.


The X Silent series encapsulates near-absolute silence and top-notch thermal performance, providing an unmatched user experience.


Motion 1, the world’s premier haptic engine gaming chair adds an immersive layer of realistic feedback to gaming and entertainment, for a next-gen experience.


Cooler Master announces a historic partnership with CAPCOM to launch an exclusive line of Street Fighter 6 X Cooler Master themed components and peripherals.

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